Sunday, February 27, 2011

Obama Warns "We Cannot Allow Gridlock To Prevail”

ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports: With the possibility of government shutdown looming next Friday, President Obama calls on both parties to evade “gridlock” and says he “expects them to find common ground.”

Somehow the news further lessens the punch behind the President's demand for Gaddafi to leave. His own government is facing a shutdown and states are busy battling unions over collective bargaining.

The news last night reported we are likely to see gas climb to $5.00 by the summer. The gas tank in my car holds about 17 gallons, which means a fill-up will cost $85! The Obama Administration needs to figure out how to get both parties to focus on how world affairs is effecting the price of oil. We need to rapidly develop strategies for eliminating dependence on foreign oil. Ethanol and off-shore drilling are band-aid fixes at best and distractions at worst.

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