Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Police: Census worker made death look like homicide

Police: Census worker made death look like homicide to get money - Latest News -

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Yet again, the media got all excited with this story first broke. Each story seemed to indicate Americans were beginning to turn against the government. Rural Kentucky, being a less sophisticated region in the eyes of the media, was the perfect setting for some disenfranchised resident to take out a federal worker. Now the real story comes out and has nothing to do with frustrated Americans going rogue on their government. Manipulating people's perceptions is nothing new but it is new seeing such a lack of outrage about it.

Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges

Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Capturing Most-Wanted Terrorist - Iraq | War | Map -

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You send in Special Forces to extract a terrorist. He resists or gives attitude so the SEAL in this case punches the terrorist. Would the terrorist or the public prefer the SEAL drew a weapon and kill him instead? Special Forces are highly trained members of the military; they can perform many missions but they are NOT law enforcement. You send soldiers, Marines, sailors or airmen in when you want things broken and people killed. If you want people to be arrested in accordance with their Miranda rights, send in a law enforcement officer. Getting the cop into to a war zone might be a little tricky though, they probably lack the training to survive getting to the target and back out. Instead of congratulating the SEAL team for getting both the terrorist and themselves out alive, we are going to put them on trial for assault. We are doomed.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What, Exactly, Is a ‘Cop-Killer’ Gun?

What, Exactly, Is a ‘Cop-Killer’ Gun? (Updated) | Danger Room |

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I am actually surprised this hasn't caused more hysterical outcries for more gun control. My experience with necked-down cartridges in pistols is they like to jam. The other problem is the round is over-bore, meaning more it has more powder then it can efficiently burn. A longer barrel is required to maximize the round's effectiveness. All that to say, I don't see where this pistol as being any more of a "cop-killer" than other handguns. A deer rifle in 30-06 or .270 Winchester is more common and deadlier than any handgun. The level of marksmanship of the average deer-hunter far surpasses that of the common thug, gang banger or psychopath with a pistol.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

184 jobs to end with Beam plant closing

184 jobs to end with Beam plant closing

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I grew up in Bond Hill which is just south of this plant. At one time this was a huge operation. Over the years it has drawn down to a fraction of its original workforce. Now those jobs are heading south. When will Ohio politicians start focusing on attracting new businesses to the Buckeye state?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Fourth Amendment victory

Airport rules changed after Ron Paul aide detained - Washington Times

The knee-jerk reactions to 9-11 created the TSA and US PATRIOT Act, both of which seem to fly in the face of the Fourth, Fifth and Tenth Amendments. Whenever concerns about the Constitution are brought up, critics cite national security. The Bush Administration may have created TSA and the Patriot Act but the Obama administration isn't showing any signs of changing course either. The incident with Ron Paul shows what happens when rules are given out to without thought to the larger implications. TSA screeners have a thankless job are work with a constant set of changing rules and procedures. Add an overzealous screener and you get a violation of our Constitutional rights. I hope this incident doesn't just go as a foot note for the Obama Administration. I hope they take a hard look at our security policies.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Millions without sick leave fear swine flu

Millions without sick leave fear swine flu - Yahoo! News

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Much like the "Just say no" anti-drug campaign, some of the guidance for swine flu is equally simplistic. Many workers face the choice of missing work and losing their jobs or losing income. Vaccinations are still lagging behind need. There may not be any choice but for these people to go to work (how many of you reading this have already gone to work even though you had flu-like symptoms?) despite being sick.