Friday, February 11, 2011

'Egypt is Free' chants Tahrir after Mubarak quits

Mubarak was either going to step down or end up going the way of his predecessor (being assassinated). What I find odd is the number of Egyptians that think having the military taking over is "democratic". Where I come from, that is called martial law. As a retired military guy, let me spell the reasons why having the military running your government is NEVER a good thing. The military tends to have more and bigger guns than civilians. The military views civilians as inept, lazy and disorganized otherwise how else did we get in charge? Getting the military out of government is never easy. Being "generalissimo" beats being just a general, going back to having a civilian tell you what to do is never an easy thing. Finally, if the military run government misbehaves who is left to kick them out of office?

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Mark Miller said...

This is far from over.