Sunday, February 20, 2011

Moroccan protesters call for curbs on king’s powers

Pan-Islamism has now spread West to Morocco;

"Several hundred Moroccan demonstrators, some waving Tunisian and Egyptian flags, have staged a rare protest in the Moroccan capital of Rabat to demand restrictions on the king’s powers and an end to corruption. Analysts say Morocco, with a reformist monarch who is widely respected, and a growing economy, is one of the Arab countries least likely to succumb to the wave of protests sweeping the region."

Meanwhile in Libya, Gaddafi's sons are putting down protests in Benghazi (one son was trained by the Soviet military meaning his tactics will be brutal and to the point). Unlike other monarchs in the region, Gaddafi resolve has not diminished. Gaddafi has made many moves over the years to insure he remained in power (from knocking off the WMD rhetoric to handing over the Lockerbie bombing suspects). He also has made the business of running Libya a family affair.

Morocco and Libya are studies in opposites. Gaddafi has ruled through secrecy and using his sons in leading roles. Morocco has a progressive monarch and a growing economy. Nonetheless, both countries have to deal with the pervasive pan-Islamism that seeks to subjugate nationalism with Islamic law.


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