Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lack of Oversight

Public Integrity sent me a link to their site last week. They have some good articles on homeland security and encourage you to check them out by following the link at the bottom.

I found the article below particularly interesting as we had been discussing oversight of homeland security the other night in class. I was explaining to my students the function of oversight and audits is to insure agencies are operating in accordance within the applicable laws and regulations. At that's the theory but often politics or self-interest will overcome oversight. The reports of terrorists or disgruntled citizens flying their airplanes into buildings causes constituents to want more security. More funding is provided to the community. Rarely is there a re-look at how effective those dollars are in preventing an attack. TSA in my opinion is most guilty of not conducting appropriate oversight. Full body scanners are being fielded in 140 airports based on Adbulmutallab's failed attempted to detonate his underwear. The money is being spent on this new technology without seeming to acknowledge the failure was not in screening, rather the failure laid in Adbulmutallab's name not getting on the no fly list. Oversight should be addressing the lack of communication amongst intelligence agencies. Oversight should also point out the purchase of full body scanners will succeed only in forcing would-be terrorists to avoid those particular airports.

Homeland Security Marked by Waste, Lack of Oversight - Homeland Security: Boom and Bust

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