Monday, October 5, 2020

Bizarro World

 In the old Superman comics, there was Bizarro World wear everything was opposite of what we have here on Earth.  Somehow a 50 year old comic story seems to have come to life.

After months of playing down the seriousness of Covid-19 and openly mocking the wear of protective masks, the President have finally become infected with the virus.  Not to relinquish his anti-science stance he deliberately subjected his Secret Service detail to the virus so he could enjoy a photo op in his limousine.

The roll of GOP officials and glad-handers coming down with the virus in the last several days has been mounting.  Today the Press Secretary has announced she is infected with the virus as well.

The United States usually leads the way in science and technology and was expected early on to manage the Covid-19 outbreak with the same technical savvy as that which landed the first men on the moon.  Unfortunately, the current President of the United States had no plan to address the virus and decided the best course was to openly mock experts and deny the lethality of the virus.  As a result, the United States now leads the way in deaths associated with the virus (200,000+ at the time of this post).

Trump's strategy has been to ignore countermeasures to prevent the disease from spreading in favor of rapidly opening the economy in hopes of re-election.  Despite this bizarre approach, the virus has not only infected him and much of his staff but the economy is still struggling.  Disney just announced the layoff of 28,000 employees.  United Airlines and other US legacy airlines are on the verge of collapse.  Regal Cinemas just announced a worldwide closure until further notice due to the lack of movies to show.

But all in the Trump campaign is about the virus and economy.  During his first (and perhaps only) debate, when challenged to denounce all white supremacy his instead called upon the Proud Boys to "stand back and standby".  This bizarre answer directly lead to a Proud Boys march this past weekend in New Albany, Ohio where one of the Proud Boys fired his .45ACP into the car of a protestor.

I'm not really trying to enlighten anyone with this post.  Either you are already convinced of Trump's incompetence or you will blindly defend his actions.  There is no middle ground anymore. My purpose with this post is to record my own thoughts and observations in the hopes that at some future point I may look back with relief.  But that isn't likely to happen soon.

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