Friday, June 24, 2016

What Brexit means for the US

The British people have spoken and the UK is leaving the EU.  As a result, the unpopular Prime Minister David Cameron is stepping down.  Many blame his pro-immigration policies for the spike in violent crimes being committed by immigrants.  The immediate fallout has been the price for UK stocks has plummeted creating panic for the rest of the European stock markets.  There will be an even stronger push now for Scottish independence.

Mr. Obama hasn't had a great few days either.  The vote for Brexit is widely seen as the UK telling Washington in typical British manner to "Piss Off!".  At the same time, the US Supreme issued a one-sentence ruling shutting down all of Mr. Obama's executive actions on immigration.  Given that we are likely to see more, not less, attacks and other acts of violence committed by "immigrants" (illegal as well legal or native born), the widespread feeling that opening our borders is a bad idea will be THE issue that will help elect the next President.

If you are warm and well-fed, it is easy to lament about the plight of those that are cold and hungry.  If you live in a nice house in a good neighborhood it is easier to worry about those who don't have homes.  All of this empathy starts to evaporate however when you feel your own comfort or safety being threatened.  If you are focused on staying warm, getting food or paying bills empathy for others is just time wasted you need for other things needed for your survival.  It is that duality, comfort versus discomfort, that places liberals and conservatives at opposite ends of the political spectrum.

Liberals don't see threats to their comfort or safety so they are able to focus on the needs of others.  Conservatives see their safety and comfort being threatened and don't care about those that they see as being part of the problem.  Former PM Cameron and his cronies live very comfortable lives protected by Scotland Yard.  Meanwhile, average British citizens are being mugged, assaulted and raped by immigrants.  You can argue that this may not be reality but it certainly was the perception by those who voted in favor of Brexit.

Similarly, Mr. Obama has this view of the US as a welcoming land and the final bastion for those fleeing oppression in their native lands.  Protected for the rest of their lives by the US Secret Service, the Obamas (as are all of the former Presidential families) are able to focus on the plight of others since they don't have to worry about themselves.  Contrast this with the typical working class American.  Who cares about some foreign slob fleeing oppression in his country, he is taking a job from me by working for a lower wage.  Americans see crime rates are skyrocketing because of immigrants such as MS-13. Each terrorist attack on American soil has been by an immigrant or the first-born of immigrants.

Oh and here is dirty little secret Mr. Obama and his cronies would rather you didn't know…more African-Americans disapprove of his pro-immigration and pro-transgender policies there you may think.  Black Americans care about their children just as much as any white American and aren't really into having their kids exposed to transponders making a statement in public restrooms.  Black Americans don't want to lose jobs to immigrants any more than any white American does.  In fact Black Americans and more identify with Republicans than Democrats on issues such as family, jobs, economics and immigration.  Yet the Republican party will never be the choice of Black Americans because it is seen as the party of choice for racists.

Keep all of this in mind as we close in on November.  No matter how much Hillary brags about her expertise and credentials to be the next President, it rings hollow against a huge part of the population that is worried that immigrants are pose a clear and present danger to their livelihoods.  Trump for all of his bad hair and gaffs in front of the cameras is staying the course on immigration and may just ride this all the way to the White House.

Some reading this may be gasping in horror at merely the thought of a "President Trump" and are thinking to themselves that they can't name even one person who will vote for "that guy".  True but it pays to remember something about polls and voters.  Whenever someone answers a poll, it is much like the adage "Let me be the person that my dog thinks I am".  People answer polls the way they think they should, not how they truly think or feel.  Likewise, your buddies will tell you they are going to vote for whoever your circle of friends most identifies with but that may not be who the vote for…if they vote at all.

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