Monday, June 13, 2016

Thoughts on the latest terrorist attack

When ISIS terrorists shot-up Charlie Hebdo, France unified in their condemnation of ISIS and sent their   Groupe d'intervention de la Gendarmerie national or GIGN.  When a terrorist linked to ISIS shoots-up a club in Florida, the US fractures with leftist blaming the NRA and conservative Christians blaming the victims lifestyle.  A pox on both of you.

Despite what your political views tell you, the US is a rather open country politically.  We can still freely move around the country whenever we want, we can vote for whomever we want, we can write all manner of crap on blogs and social media, we are free to associate with whomever we want (unless convicted of a serious crime), and we all pretty much take these and other freedoms for granted.

One of our biggest freedoms is though our legal system which is based on the principle "innocent until proven guilty".  Yes, yes I know you are going to flood my inbox with example of example of where the legal system is "rigged" or has "failed" but have you ever compared it to other "modern" countries? The United Kingdom still follows the principle of "guilty until proven innocent" and France does not use past precedence in legal cases.  In France, you get what you get regardless of what happened to the other guy who did the very same thing.

But all of the freedoms comes with a price.  The price is we typically can't, even under the US PATRIOT ACT, lock someone up for just looking like a terrorist.  We can't ban people from freely associating even if their countries of origin are hotbeds for terrorist activity.  We can't stop anyone who has travelled to the US legally from moving freely around the country once they arrive.

If you dumbasses on the right and left don't stop arguing with one another, we are going to start to lose these freedoms under the guise of "protection".  Americans were shot and killed by a American-born terrorist who had turned his allegiance to a movement set on destroying this country and you morons have allowed the conversation to revolve around gun control?

For those of you with short-attention spans, allow me to remind you of this psychopath;

He shot dead 69 young people at a youth camp (plus killed another 8 with a bomb he had planted) in 2011.  See that mall-ninja crap he is rocking?  He purchased all of it legally, in Norway, a country where private gun ownership is restricted.  You have to demonstrate the need to own a firearm which is typically hunting or sports shooting.  Even then, there are restrictions on the type and caliber.  The psychopath above did all of the things in a country with the same rules the US left are pushing for in an hopeless attempt to prevent future mass shootings.  You can't legislate hate away.

Oh and those on the right need to sit down and shut-up as well.  There are over 158 million guns in the US.  Most gun-owners own more than one gun already.  How in the hell does more restrictions on the purchase and sale of firearms equal confiscation?  We are talking about a country with an estimated population of 322,762,018 at the beginning of the year.  The government can't even seem to do a good job inspecting all passengers boarding airliners yet this same government is suddenly going to be able to develop the wherewithal to confiscate all of your firearms?  Stop with the paranoia, it's not helping to make your case.

Now both sides, stop bitching and moaning and pay attention.  Just under 15 years ago this country was attacked by a group of people that don't like us.  As a result, we went to war in two countries which also means we generated a whole new group of people that hate us.  They don't care if you are liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, male of female, gay or straight…you are an American and they are going to kill us whenever and wherever they get the chance.

One more thing, notice how when the Charlie Hebdo attack happened everybody turned the background of the Facebook profile picture to the French flag?  Interesting how I don't see the rest of the world doing that for the Florida attack.  Pay attention people, if we don't stand together in this crap we will fall.

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