Friday, July 1, 2016

Of losing allies and increasing attacks

ISIS, the group once infamously dubbed the "JV Team" by Mr. Obama, has attacked Istanbul and may be behind the current attack in Pakistan.  American media still frames the attack in Orlando around LGBT rights or gun-control (and we are to completely forget about the rampage in San Bernardino) instead of ISIS or dare I say radical Islam?

We are going into the 4th of July weekend with a record number of travelers moving around the US.  As friends and families gather for backyard barbecues, baseball and fireworks, it seems like and especially ripe environment for the next attack to occur around the celebration of the US declaring its independence from England.

Mr. Obama is not very happy with the petulant British who voted to get out of the EU.  Now the Obama White House is turning to Germany as their main European allies…at a time when most of Europe despises Germany how Angela Merkel's policies have led to a flood of immigrants.  Some of which seem to be behind the spike in increased violence throughout Europe.

Unfortunately for Team Obama, US Attorney Loretta Lynch has created an uproar by meeting with former President Clinton ostensibly to discuss grandchildren…even though the conversation held up her flight for 30 minutes and it took place suspiciously as the FBI mulls over what to do with former Secretary Clinton.

Losing allies in the midst of increasing attacks, the response from the White House has been unimpressive as usual.  The TSA has decided expand their checkpoints further out.  Too little too late with the added bonus of concentrating even more passengers for an attack such as the one in Istanbul to occur.

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