Monday, April 15, 2013


Reports still coming in but it seems at least two explosions killed two and injured at least 134 at the Boston Marathon.  The devices were hidden in backpacks which in-turn were placed in barricades after the area had been cleared by authorities.

No group has claimed responsibility as of my writing this.  Is it terrorism?  For those that are empowered to annotate such things (DHS, CIA, FBI), the final word is still hours or days away.  However, the images of injured and mangled spectators from the Boston Marathon will soon replace the anguished faces of parents whose children were murdered at Sandy Hook.  In that regard, it is terrorism regardless of the motives of the perpetrators.

Last week I wrote about North Korea and the escalation towards if not nuclear conflict, certainly a return to a shooting war.  Shortly after I wrote that, North Korea confirmed it would target Japan first more or less guaranteeing a direct hit for their missiles and dragging the US into war.

Secretary Kerry attempted to appease the North Koreans by offering to stop the deployment of anti-missile batteries to the theater for the exchange of the cessation of their nuclear weapons programs.  The problem with appeasement is there is your risk looking weak and your foe may be emboldened to escalate the situation.

To me, I can't help but feel as the more is learned about the Boston explosions we may find a link to North Korea.  Secretary Kerry is from Massachusetts and this may be North Korea (or China, Russia or any other group that has a beef with the Obama Administration) way of making a statement.  Let's not forget also that the airliners that American Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 (which both crashed into the World Trade Centers) departed from Boston's Logan International Airport.

Someone asked me today at work if it could be international terrorists?  Possibly but it could just as easily be the 21st Century version of Oklahoma City.  There is much resentment towards the Obama Administration, especially with the increased calls for additional gun control legislation.

The next few days will only reveal more questions than answers.  Just check your FB page and see how many people are asking, why?!  There is no answer to that question other than the need for some to use violence to make a statement.

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