Friday, April 19, 2013

One suspect down, one on the run

We went from thinking the suspects were "dark-skinned" (excellent way to incite a race riot by the way) to two "light-skinned" suspects.  Beginning last night, the suspects (who are brothers) rob a 7-11 near the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  They then car-jacked a SUV.  The suspects killed a police officer.  A subsequent shoot-out with the suspects ended with one being killed.  The dead suspect was found to have bombs strapped to his body.  His brother is believed to be similarly armed.

On Wednesday, several of the noted terrorist experts were predicting that this was a domestic terrorist act as most foreign groups would have wanted more casualties.  The two brothers are from Chechnya (a republic in Russia that is Muslim) pretty much rules out domestic motives.  It does bring Mr. Putin's fight with the Chechen Republic to the United States.

How will Mr. Kerry and Mr. Obama are going to handle this.  On one hand, they will want to support a fellow world leader but on the other hand, the history of brutality and near genocide Moscow has committed against Chechnya will make many wonder about the US relations with Islam.

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