Thursday, March 10, 2011

Radical Muslims

'The only real testimony we have on it was actually from Sheikh Kabbani, who was a Muslim leader during the Clinton Administration, he testified, this is back in 1999 and 2000, before the State Department that he thought over 80 percent of the mosques in this country are controlled by radical Imams. Certainly from what I've seen and dealings I've had, that number seems accurate."
--Rep. Peter King, Jan. 24, 2011

The timing of these hearings could not be worse. We are seeing pan-Islamism spread throughout North Africa and the Middle East. NATO and the United States are still arguing about how best to establish a no-fly zone while hundreds or perhaps thousands of Libyans are dying at the hands of Gaddafi thugs. The British SAS get captured by Gaddafi giving him reason the declare the West is merely trying to capture control of Libyan oil production. Now Rep King decides to make news with these hearings.

The United States has been facing unemployment, foreclosures, efforts to end collective bargaining by state employees, and now skyrocketing energy costs. Now add these hearings which will only strain relations with US Muslims and we may see violent outbreaks. King's remarks are the stuff Muslim radicals dream of, now they can recruit and fuel feelings of alienation and anger against the situation in North Africa and the Middle East. King's hearings will do nothing to help improve the situation nor make the United States any safer.

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