Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Protests increase against Odyssey Dawn

The headlines are mounting against the no-fly zone in Libya;

- The Brazilian government called late on Monday for a ceasefire in Libya

- Tensions between the United States and Russia over coalition airstrikes in Libya broke back into the open Tuesday, with Moscow calling for an immediate cease-fire to protect civilians and Washington saying that the claims of Libyan casualties were Gadhafi lies.

- China called Tuesday for an immediate cease-fire in Libya where the U.S. and European nations have launched punishing airstrikes to enforce a U.N. no-fly zone.

Critics are coming out on both sides here on this side of the pond as well. Dennis Kucinich offered this, "President Obama moved forward without Congress approving. He didn't have Congressional authorization, he has gone against the Constitution, and that's got to be said. It's not even disputable, this isn't even a close question. Such an action ... is a grave decision that cannot be made by the president alone."

It seems like the President was pressured into supporting the UN resolution and did not think through how US involvement would be received. It did not help that shortly after approving US involvement he then went on a whirlwind tour of South America.

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