Saturday, March 19, 2011

The French

Okay, something has been bugging me for the last week or so. Why are the French in the lead on this? I mean, all bad jokes aside, the French don't usually take the lead in coalition or allied campaigns. The British, sure. The US, absolutely. The French? I was talking with buddy of mine, another military and foreign affairs buff, and asked him why Sarkozy was the first to launch aircraft for the no-fly zone. He came up with the answer; radar. The Libyans use French radars and since the French are our allies US technology has been developed to jam them. The French have to take to the lead to defeat their own technology.

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Quimbob said...

I believe Libya is France's biggest oil supplier. Stability in Libya would be very important to them. What's interesting is that they could have gone in defending Kadaffy just as easily. Obama's strategy of sitting off the coast and lobbing bombs sounds kinda Carterish, tho.