Saturday, July 9, 2016

More shootings

New sooner does HRC get accused of being "extremely careless" with emails than the nation goes into meltdown over the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.  Both were African-American, both died at the hands of the police.

Liberals and Black Lives Matter (BLM) went into overdrive on social media claiming that it was time to stop talking and "do" something.  They seemingly got their wish when a shooter in Dallas killed 5 officers and wounded 7 others.

My head is still reeling from all of this along with the social media overload of whiny-ass Liberals and indignant Conservatives.  The Liberals absolutely see no correlation between their outcries for "action" and the shooter in Dallas (even though they have no problems correlating the shooting in Orlando to gun-ownership).  Conservatives smugly blame the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile on the fact that African-Americans just need to obey police officers.

You both got what you wanted and now what?  African-Americans are even more convinced that cops can kill them with impunity and cops are more convinced than ever that they need more firepower and better armor.  Great, neither of these notions does anything to decrease the number of Americans (black, white, brown) that are dying as a result of violent encounters with the police (who in-turn are also being killed).  Wake the fuck up, your shit ain't working!

Here's what I took away from the shit this week.  First, the African-American community is no more immune from media hype than anyone else.  Outrage about Alton Sterling and Philando Castile?  Abso-fucking-lutely except where was your outrage over the 69 murders in Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend?  Or even the 14 murdered in Chicago this past weekend?  You're being worked by the media and don't even see it.  Yes, there is a huge crisis where black lives are being taking at an alarming rate but you can't pick and choose….it weakens your argument.

And to the smug-ass Conservatives who think if only African-Americans would obey when the police come-a-knocking, things would be different…you're wrong.  A retired O-6, Vietnam veteran who was a hand-to-hand combat instructor and one of the most highly decorated combat veterans in Ohio just posted this on his Facebook page;

"It doesn't take a blue ribbon panel, or DOJ investigation to recognize that this policing protocol is the ultimate subjugation of our citizens. Thrown down on the ground, and piled upon by screaming people pulling at your arms, and exercising calculated methods of a two hundred pound body mashing and twisting on your body. I don't know of anyone that would feel safe in those situations, nor do I know anyone that would accept that kind of treatment. What is up with that policing protocol.

Think about the escalation of events that a situation like being thrown on the ground and knelt on would occur if it happened to you. I can assure you that as much as I respect the difficult job of law enforcement and my personal efforts to always try to cooperate...if a couple of guys try to throw me down and pile on me...we gonna go!! The law enforcement community really needs to revisit on that whole method for dealing with people.

I watch that process time and again as media rolls out "cops doing a tough job" video or pictures with a clearly tortured fellow human pinned under a scrum of cops all shouting "give me your hands" while kneeling on their head.

Guaranteed escalation from anybody! Find another way or the relationship will only get worse! Not a good idea and should be reserved for special tactics elements with clear cut targeting protocols."

This is from a WHITE combat veteran, an MP who was in Vietnam and he can't wrap his head around this shit but the police supporters and conservatives can't understand why BLM and the African-American community are pissed off?!

Now that I've got you good and mad (and if I didn't, ask yourself why not?) consider this.  Subtract all of the racial components from the Dallas shooting and what did we learn?  The shooter was a private first class in the  Army Reserves assigned to 420th Engineer Brigade.  Yet this low-level enlisted troop, who was not an elite combat troop such as a Ranger or SEAL, was able to kill 5 veteran Dallas police officers and wound at least 7 more who we can safely assume had more experience.

He also demonstrated why you should never bring a pistol to a rifle fight.  One officer place a center-mass shot into the shooter, only to watch his 9mm slug bounce off of the shooters body-armor.  The shooter was able to return fire, shooting the officer once in the back and then walking up to the downed officer and executing him with several more rounds at point-blank.

Any attacking force, let's say ISIS, is studying all of this.  They will know that police ammunition is ineffective against military grade body armor.  They also know that police tactics are rendered useless against even the most basic infantry tactics.  Finally, they know that police body armor can't withstand rounds from 7.62 X 39 rifles (contrary to what media reports are saying, the shooter did NOT use an AR-15).

Imagine if this had been a four-man squad with training like what happened in Mumbai in 2004.  They also have learned that police shootings don't elicit sympathy from African-Americans and liberals.  No one will be looking for ulterior motives.

Cops on the other hand respond by asking for bigger guns and better equipment thinking they are under siege.  Of course they  forget that a good, centerfire rifle can defeat the latest "tactical" equipment (you can buy a quality 30-06 semi-auto hunting rifle at Wal Mart).  Oh wait you say, those rounds won't penetrate?  Ok, please stand about 50 feet away and let someone shoot you and your tactical vest with a "non-penetrating" round like a .30-06 or .270 and let me know how you feel.  No takers?  Don't blame you!

The next encounter between police and "civilians" will be even uglier and as things stand today, I don't see any signs of things abating. The banks aren't impressed either.  Gold and silver prices are tanking.  Let things continue to get worse in the US and no one will even remember Brexit.  I can't even begin to think what this all means for November.

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