Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Tear

By now, you surely have seen the photos or video of Mr. Obama shedding a tear over the Sandy Hook shootings.  As much as I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt, I suspected this display by our President was just some calculated theater to make his ineffectual attempt to lessen gun violence to seem more heartfelt.

Instead, Mr. Obama comes across as even more of a wimp than ever.  Couldn't he have portrayed more of a righteous indignation as opposed to a "80s guy" (one who felt so much they cried.  See "Lethal Weapon")?  Mr. Obama and handlers, as well as his detractors, have created situation where the Presidency has been lessened.  All of the vitriol directed to Mr. Obama really has also eroded the office of the President.

How are other world leaders to take a President seriously that gets so wrapped-up in his own lame executive order that he cries?  It did not come across heartfelt, perhaps because Mr. Obama has an almost artificial way of speaking.  Worse, if you look at how many months he has left in office one wonders if he isn't crying more about his inability to make "change" than about the children killed at Sandy Hook.  Essentially he is crying because he is powerless.

His detractors are reveling in that but this presents us with a very dangerous situation on the world front.  As Russia continues to try to regain its global prominence, and China not far behind, how will the US maintain any sort of balance?

Some reading this may applaud and think, "that's why Trump is my man!".  But despite Trump's wide appeal and readiness to flip-off the establishment, he may be unable to conquer the machinations of the Republican party nomination process.  The delegates are almost hard-wired to vote for establishment figures like Rubio or Cruz.

If that happens, I see even more unrest occurring with Republican and Conservative voters abandoning the election altogether and opening the door for Hillary.  Contrary to what most of her supporters, and even critics think, Hillary is much more of a hawk than any of the other candidates including Trump.  In eleven months, we will know the answer to the question who is the next president and depending on that answer, we may all be shedding a tear.

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