Saturday, January 2, 2016

Effete Leadership and its results

Mr. Obama may leave office with one of the worst rankings of any President and I fear he won't really understand why.  His approach to sky-rocketing health care costs was to mandate everyone have insurance instead of dealing with with the actually costs.  Instead of dealing with the racial and societal factors behind mass shootings, he makes much to do about gun control that won't stop people from hating one another.  In light of the shootings in San Bernadino and bombing in Paris, he admonished Americans to not give into fear instead of admonishing the media for spreading fear in the first place.

In a word, Mr. Obama appears effete.  He has a bad habit of dismissing fears of Americans the way an irritated parent does when a child can't sleep because of monsters in the closet.  Mr. Obama doesn't even try to open the closet to prove there is nothing to fear, he instead jets off to deal with climate change.  Then he wonders why no one applauded his efforts.  Americans are not worried about climate change they way they are about the economy (read, jobs), race relations, or even education.  He then appears to leave again, this time to vacation in Hawaii, about as far away as he can get from the public.

Mr. Obama is certainly not the first, and undeniably not the last, US President to have a high-brow approach with America.  Unfortunately the state of affairs surrounding his administration makes his approach especially egregious.  The US military has been at war for 14 years, the longest in its history with no end in sight.  The original players of the Taliban and Al Qaeda have given way to the newer and bigger Daesh (ISIS).  Since the advent of ISIS, there have been more lethal attacks.

Domestically, race relations have deteriorated under the first black President.  This has further turned into a worsening of relations between the police and minority communities.  In turn, more mass shooters may arise in response to the worsening state of race in the US.  Compounding racial tensions is the push for increasing minimum wage to $15 an hour.  The majority of people effected by this are minorities, the very people most likely to be displaced when employers are forced to enact the $15 minimum wage.

In the midst of this uncertainty, Mr. Obama has pushed for more immigrants to be allowed into the country which is spurring even more tensions along racial and economic lines.  Not to mention the fear of increased terrorist attacks.

Mr. Obama's response is to act as though these fears are just hose of a petulant child and go about his business as normal.  As a result, we are about to see one of the most chaotic Republican nominations ever and Presidential election that more about repudiating Mr. Obama's policies rather than about moving forward.

None of this is going unnoticed by our adversaries.  A few mass shootings here, a bombing there, maybe a cyber attack or two and the US could be sent into complete chaos.

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