Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Quick Observation about Petraeus

Just a quick observation this morning, apparently Gen (ret) Petraeus won't face any further punishments from the Pentagon according to The Washington Post.  As you may remember, Petraeus plead guilt to mishandling classified materials back in 2012.  The matter was even more tawdry as it involved the information being shared with Petraeus mistress.  There had been a call for the general to lose his fourth star which now won't happen.

It would seem though more might be at work here.  Petraeus was the darling of the war on terror and was highly respected by the troops and public.  But his disagreements with Obama and the White House seemed to foreshadow his demise.  As I've previously shared, the Pentagon has no problem allowing Vice Adm. Branch to remain on the job as Chief of Naval Intelligence even though his clearances have been revoked but they wanted to take Petraeus completely down.

Except now would be a terribly inconvenient time for the White House to slay a former four-star general for mishandling classified information.  For as even the casual observer may be aware, there is a certain former Secretary of State who kept a private email server (unsecured) with at least 24 emails that are so highly classified they can't be released to the public.  This same former Senator from New York sent at least one email to a staffer telling him to strip the header (classification) off and send it in the clear (through un-secure email).

Going after Petraeus while not launching criminal charges against Clinton appears to be too much hypocrisy even for the firm of Lynch and Obama.  Can't keep protecting one while destroying the other, at least not during the primaries.

It still remains to be seen if Clinton will be charged or not.  There is a division between the FBI and the DOJ as to whether to charge Clinton or not.  For those that may not realize this, the FBI does not fall under the DOJ, something old J. Edgar Hoover planned for many moons ago.  Conceivably the FBI still could charge Clinton even though Lynch is unlikely to do so.

We are just getting into the second month of 2016 and its looking more and more to be one helluva of an interesting year.

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