Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What We Just Learned From A Ball Game with no fans

The first major league baseball game in history was played without fans.  What this has just shown future terrorists, rioters, and various other troublemakers now know is that if you create enough havoc, you can shut down major sporting events in the US.

Baseball's first ever game behind closed doors gets underway

Forty-thousand plus ticket holders were barred from attending "for their own safety".  The lesson here for future troublemakers is you can break the US economy if you manage to shutdown enough big-ticket events, the loss in revenue will be extraordinary.  Think just in this case, all of the concessions that weren't sold as well as concession workers that went without pay.  All of the parking spaces that went empty.  The taxis, bars and restaurants that went without the usual flow of customers.

The Baltimore mayor has really set a poor precedence here for safety and now riots are starting to happen in other cities.  Getting lost in all of this is the supposed reason why there was a riot in the first place; the death of Freddi Gray.  Now, much like the case with Michael Brown, Gray may not have been the victim that we were lead to believe.  Reports are starting to come to light that Gray may have been throwing himself around in the vehicle which if true means the riots were for no reason at all.

Of course if ISIS is in fact just waiting south of the border to launch an attack, they have learned a lot in the last few days.  Major cities still can be shut down by insurrection.  Created enough havoc and shutdown major sporting events and suddenly the US economy starts to tank.  Works better and cheaper than any weapon of mass destruction.

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