Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hillary and World Events

The weekend saw the inevitable announcement that Hillary would run for President.  At 67, her handlers have decided to down-play the ambitious career woman side of Hillary and instead play up the  grandmother who will be the people's champion.  It is an odd strategy to take given the situations in the Middle East, Northern African and Ukraine (not to mention her unrealized pivot to Asia).  A grandmother who wants to be your champion doesn't seem to be the right casting call.

Russian warships are keeping tabs on the Royal Navy.  Prior to Hillary's announcement, a Russian fighter cut off an Norwegian F-16.  This was followed by another Russian jet coming within 20 yards of a US RC-135 surveillance jet north of Russia (the US has protested this latest but instead of sounding like it superpower, it just sounded whiny).

Hillary has another problem in regards to foreign policy.  As a staunch Marxist liberal, she was never a fan of Israel but that stances softened once she need pro-Israeli backers to win the Senate seat in New York.  Hillary is now beholding to these same backers who don't' want to see Iran develop nuclear arms.  Russia on the other hand has no reason to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and so long as Obama and company keep sanctions in place, Russia will continue to sell Iran the missile technology is needs to launch nuclear warheads.  If she becomes President, Hillary has no bargaining chips left in this situation.

Now Hillary supporters will downplay this and say that her vast experience as Secretary of State makes her vastly more capable to lead the country than any of her opponents.  However, this line of rationalizing ignores the obvious elephant in the room, Obama.  Obama and his cronies, especially Valerie Jarrett and Michelle, despise the Clintons to a pathological level.  Do not put is past them to intentionally exacerbate matters in the Middle East or relations with Russia just to prevent Hillary from getting elected.  After all, how else do you think we learned about Hillary's emails if not from Camp Obama?

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