Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baltimore Riots and Jade Helm

The riots in Baltimore have bothered me not just for the violence and chaos but because timing.  Somehow a protest over potential police brutality turned into a full scale insurrection.  Those on the right are blinded to the inconsistency of how something like this elevated so quickly.  They want to believe its just a bunch of hooligans who lack father-figures looking for an excuse to pillage.  Those on the left are equally blind clinging to the notion that the violence and chaos are rooted to the African-American community not being heard.  There is just enough truth in those arguments for the party-faitful on either side to be satisfied and go off on their respective ideological way without wondering if there is something else going on.

But it is just a little to coincidental that the violence escalated so rapidly stranding thousands of of Orioles fans one night at the ball park.  Now MLB has decided to have the Orioles and White Sox play their next game sans fans!  I don't think this has ever happened before but everyone is just shaking their heads in dejected resignation that this is best for public safety.  Mr.  Obama and his new Attorney General have been huddled together but he has been largely absent from this seen.  I think Obama and Lynch may see an opportunity.

As I wrote the other day, this could be the impetus for martial law.  What I had forgotten about was the curiously clandestine/public joint military exercise "Jade Helm".  The joint exercise being headed up by US Army Special Operations Command is an eight week exercise across nine states in the southwest.  Special Forces HATE public attention.  They work best out of sight, out of mind.  This exercise just seemed too inconsistent with how special operators are used.  Coincidental to the press release on Jade Helm came reports of Daesh (ISIS) having cells south of the US border and could attack American targets at any time.

Then I read this post on Liberty Alliance website.  I have no idea whether the anonymous post is even legitimate but the author shares my views.  Jade Helm isn't just an exercise, it is a real operation to thwart an ISIS led invasion of a scale we just can't conceive.  The operation will require the imposition of martial law and the mass internment of hundred or thousands of suspects.

Most Americans would balk at such draconian measures to deal with a threat on the Southwest border but the riots of Baltimore may have just come in time to scare people with massive violence.  Martial law may not be as unpalatable to Americans as it might have been without the riots in Baltimore.

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