Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weekend wrap-up for March 15, 2015

Friday night I had the occasion to spend the night in a hotel which afforded me the ability to watch cable news (something I've not done since dropping cable service.  Still don't miss it).  The news coverage was pretty much about Ferguson, Hillary's private emails, and Boko Haram.

It fascinated me how many things were not covered (that impact world events);

- Putin has been laying low speculating rumors of a possible coup attempt

- Russia has also affirmed its right (depending on who you ask in the Kremlin) to deploy nuclear weapons in the Crimea

- Netanyahu may lose his bid for reelection.  Some speculate that all of the hardline talk against Obama may have been an attempt to reinvigorate his failing campaign.

- While Obama has been portrayed as playing nice with Cuba, he hasn't with Venezuela.  He has had sanctions levied against Venezuela.  In turn, Venezuela sees the US as a "looming threat" and is conducting military exercises as a result.  It doesn't help that many Venezuelans blame the US for the death of Hugo Chavez.  Probably has nothing to do with Venezuela's oil either.

- Daesh continues to execute prisoners enmasse (either by burning them alive or beheading) but since most are not Western, the media seems to find other stories to cover.

-  The media and Democrats are two willing to give Hillary a pass on the 35,000 emails she deleted.  This from the same group that goes apoplectic at the missing 18 and a half minutes missing from Nixon's White House tapes.

- Speaking of Hillary, watching cable news helped me to realize Hillary has a serious image problem.  No, I'm not talking about the emails now, or Benghazi, or even her disconcerting habit to misremember the truth.  No, I'm talking about how she appears on screen.  Hillary looks tired, I mean really tired.  She doesn't look like someone chomping at the bit to hit the campaign trail for the next 18 months.  It doesn't help that she tends to dress like a world leader from some dystopian sic-fi movie (long frock coats, in dark or tweed).  Maybe she needs to do more yoga?

- A cautionary tale for North Dakota and its booming oil industry.  If big energy is so good for the local economy, why is Louisiana ranked deadliest in pretty much any category you choose to look at?

Update:  Right after I posted this, the following article pops up "Top Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett reported to have leaked Hillary private emails leak to the press".  Why?  Because Ms. Jarrett felt that the Clintons had worked to undermine her boss.  I wonder if there will be calls for her to resign?

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