Wednesday, March 18, 2015

US backed coups

I do not think that supplies of weapons, lethal weapons, will change the situation dramatically,” Navalny said. “The fact is that a military victory of Ukraine over Russia is impossible. Putin will get new facts that Americans are fighting the war in Ukraine and not Ukrainians.” Navalny, 38, a lawyer and anti-corruption blogger, was the most pessimistic about the pace of change since he led of the wave of protests three years ago that made up the biggest threat to Putin’s 15 years in power.--Washington Post

"The Russian foreign minister says the US president’s recent remarks about brokering power transition in Ukraine show that Washington was behind the overthrow of former Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych."--PressTV

Two different Russians, two different news sites but both showing why Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry need to keep their noses out of the Ukraine.  To Russia, the US led the coup that has now created the situation in Ukraine today.  Sending arms to Ukraine appears to Russia as doubling down.  Now wonder Putin wants to put nukes in Crimea.

These two articles caused me to ponder just how many different coups has the US backed over the years.  I've written about Iran and Iraq.  Vietnam was about regina change as well.  Then there was Nicaragua and Chile.  There was also the United States Fruit Company.  I did some quick research and found the following list of US backed coups over the years;

You can judge for yourself how effective any of those attempts were.  The list does not include Ukraine, which makes you wonder how many other coups have been back by the US through third parties?  The problem has and always will be you don't know what happens once your guy takes office.  Does he take revenge on those that oppressed him and his allies or does he simply become corrupt with power?

Of particular note, the US has been trying to effect a regime change in Iran since 2005.  If that is correct, what makes Mr. Obama and Ms. Jarrett think Iran is negotiating with us in good faith (or Iran think we are negotiating in good faith)?  

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