Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Letter

By now, you have read or seen the news about the letter Republican Senators sent to the Iranian prime minister relating to Mr. Obama's attempt at a nuclear arms deal.  I learned of this because for some reason Senator Boxer's PR people thought I would be interested in something she was championing (for the record, I'm not).

The letter was a sophomoric attempt by the Republicans to defy an ever distant Mr. Obama who does not play well with others.  Certainly the Republicans can't count on Boehner or Mitchell to take on the President.  The Democrats are responding in an equally sophomoric way virtually running around stomping their feet and holding their breath.  Neither response is particularly impressive.

The Republicans are seeking to wag their collective fingers at Mr. Obama by stating in the letter that basically Congress and the Senate are the real power brokers, not the President.  The letter also reminds Iran that in 18 months, regardless of whatever deal Mr. Obama may achieve a new President will be in charge so any Executive Order can be rendered null and void.  A new Congress may do the same thing.  To which I ask, does anyone really think Iran gives a damn?

The Democrats are apoplectic running around calling the Republicans that signed treasonous!  How dare they take such a action against their man (who has thus far been anathema to any Democrat wanting to run for President)?!  Outrageous!

Let's I forget, Mr. Obama is not guiltless in this mess either.  True he is trying to reign in Iran's nuclear program, however in so doing he has disrespected our long ally Israel in the process.  The problem for Mr. Obama is in his haste to cut a deal with Iran, he has overlooked how his actions appear to the rest of the world.  By threatening to shoot down any Israeli aircraft en route to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities and refusing to grant Netanyahu any respect, Mr. Obama feels he is showing is how quickly the US will turn on one of its allies.  Steadfast is not a word that will be associated with Mr. Obama's foreign policy.

Obama, his fellow Democrats and the Republicans have all forgotten some recent history.  The reason the US is at odds with Iran has to do with a little coup that the CIA conducted in Tehran that help put Shah Reza Pahlavi in power.  Sure he was pro-Western but his methods of remaining in power (see SAVAK) led eventually to a revolution and the take over of the US embassy in Tehran on November 4, 1979.  The hostages were held for 444 days, being released on January 20, 1981 (the day Ronald Reagan was inaugurated).  In the 30 plus years, relations have never improved between the US and Iran.

Under Reagan, the US supported a vicious despot in a war against Iran.  That despot was of course none other than Saddam Hussein (who used chemical weapons on the Iranian Army).  Of course then George H. Bush and latter George W. Bush would declare on their former ally against Iran.

The Republican needed bothered with their letter, Tehran more than understands that Washington doesn't keep its word.

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