Tuesday, May 29, 2012

US military warns Syria as pressure builds on Obama

Last month, the United States positioned F-22 fighters in the United Arab Emirates (without much fanfare). The location of the UAE to both Syria and Iran seemed to indicate an escalation in military options for either of the situations. Now for the first time in the media, we have the United States indication military intervention in Syria is an option. It has always seemed hypocritical of the US to have led the air campaign in Libya while taking a more measured approach with Syria. The massacres being committed by the Assad regime are just incomprehnsible but so is continuing to pursue UN sanctions that are blocked by Russia and China.


At the same time, Reuters is now reporting about the "Flame" cyber weapon which appears to a stronger, more complex relative of Stuxnet. Stuxnet effectively shut-down systems in Iran's nuclear reactor facilities. Preliminary reports indicated Stuxnet was the result of some type of US/Israeli collaboration. The Reuters article does not make that connection but does indicate that "Flame" is present infected computers in Pakistan, Syria and Iran. Therefore it seems the release of information concerning "Flame" was to coincide with the US saber-rattling. The increase threats of US military intervention also seem linked to the Presidential elections with surging Romney calling for more action by President Obama.


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