Monday, May 28, 2012

Anarchist group vows to wage 'low level warfare' on Olympics

I blame Tom Clancy.  His novels weave complicated threads of political ambitions executed via super soldiers and spies.  You can't write 1,000 page novels without having large scale plans carried out against a global backdrop.  Clancy's novel are extremely popular amongst military and government employees, thus when 9/11 occurred it confirmed on a subconscious level the "sophistication" of all terrorist cells. But I've often wonder about just he opposite, the "death by a thousand paper cuts".  Weapons and mass destruction are very expensive and difficulty to use.  Low level terrorism (such as the Mumbai raids using just assault rifles in the hands of a well trained small unit) can be even more effective.  The Informal Anarchist Federation is creating quite a mess by damaging railroad signals.  Nothing large scale or requiring sophisticated weapons, just lifting up some concrete slabs to burnout the signal cabling.  In Italy, they went old school and shot the CEO of a nuclear power plant in both kneecaps.  Anthrax and dirty bombs may be the mainstay of terrorists in movies but the low level warfare techniques FAI may prove far more effective.


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