Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Homeland Security Prose Poem

Working at a community produces some unique opportunities for collaboration. I share with my colleagues the latest about world affairs, the military or homeland security. In return, I get some interesting insights from those in the sciences or liberal arts. For instance, upon reading the DHS list of words used to scour for "threats" my good friend who chairs the English department set pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and composed this little ditty;

 Domestic Security This drill we do, the one that scatters my synapses like cops in disaster assistance mode, the building surrounded as they attempt recovery of good intentions pitching themselves through smoke out-belching windows as the structure melts below them, not that there’s no value in the exercise of cleaning up the dirty bomb that is our lives, but if national preparedness were a metaphor for what we’ve together become, we’re beyond prevention, orange alert, even mitigation of this, which I cannot stress enough, is not metaphor for the attack on the offices of my well-being, hypothetical or otherwise, unclear as I am on rules of enforcement or response or authorities under which I might address this attack of itself complete, type of the modern, roll through my chant with all your lawless music.--Author, Geoffrey Woolf

 I told him that such prose could not be left to our Facebook musings and must be shared with the masses. He responded with alacrity which in-turn generated some envy amongst his other Facebook friends. What can I say? I work at a college!

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