Friday, March 9, 2012

Ohio earthquakes triggered by brine injection

"Hydro-Fracking, sometimes called hydrofracturing, is a well development process that increases the flow of water from a bedrock well by increasing the size and extent of the bedrock fractures that bring water into the well."--Schrader Well drilling website

Trying to find a non-politicized definition of hydro-fracking is difficult. The industry calls it a proven technological advancement. Environmentalists blame Haliburton for creating the processes that potentially increases toxicity of the surrounding environment.

From a purely geological and physics viewpoint, introducing liquid (especially in large quantities) means an increased potential for stuff to move that had been frozen in place by friction.

"Investigators from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources have confirmed that injection well fluid along a weakened geologic fault triggered the 12 earthquakes that occurred in the Youngstown area between March 2011 and January 2012. After investigating all available geological formation and well activity data, ODNR regulators and geologists found fluid from the Northstar 1 Class II disposal well intersected an unmapped fault in a near-failure state of stress, causing movement along that fault."

It seems to me that Haliburton may have given terrorists a new weapon to try out. Fracking near a fault line could result in devastating earthquakes. In my part of the country, we are always a little worried about the New Madrid fault. As it covers a multi-state area, fracking in say Arkansas could result in earthquakes effecting Memphis, Louisville and Cincinnati. It may not be as glamourous or easy as a bomb or hijacking an airliner but it could be even more effective. Hell even without terrorist intentions, it appears good old fashioned greed is causing us some major problems.

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