Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cautious welcome for N Korea deal

"North Korea's pledge to suspend uranium enrichment, as well as nuclear and long-range missile tests, has received a cautious international welcome."

It has been three years since the last shipment of US food to North Korea. It is impossible for us in the West to imagine how desolate and desperate the situation must be in North Korea. Food shortages seem to be a way of life, yet North Korea has no shortage of long range weapons.

If Kim Jong-eun continues this line of negotiation, it could be a good sign for both the US and South Korea as well as Japan. He is a young, unknown leader that may not follow in his father's and grandfather's footsteps. However, all of the senior military officers were selected by Kim Il-Jong and share the elder Kim's view of the world. North Korea has been poised to attack the South and US forces for nearly 60 years. It remains to be seen if the latest in the Kim dynasty will be able to change his country's worldview.

BBC News

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Anonymous said...

We have been drawn into the butter for guns many times and each time we were snookered. Lil' Kim is closing one uranium enrichment plant, maintaining capability in his other uranium and plutonium plants. So what do we gain -- just a feel-good about feeding their starving army and sustaining this corrupt dictatorship for another few years?