Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Obama shifts location of G-8 summit from hometown of Chicago to his Camp David retreat

This from the same administration that has been questioning the ability of the UK to protect US Olympic athletes this summer?

The NATO summit is stills scheduled to be held in Chicago. The first World Choir Games to be held in the US will be hosted in Cincinnati. The former presents many anti-war protestors screen time while the latter affords the opportunity to create chaos. The G-8 apparently attracts an even more threatening cast of characters. What is most unusual is how quickly the location was changed. Surely the FBI and Secret Service were aware of the potential security risks hosting a major summit like the G-8 in Chicago. Big city, lots of buildings to hide shooters and bombs, the challenge of keeping tabs of multiple attends meandering around the city. Why now?

It would appear to be the situation in the Middle East with an increasingly belligerent Israel looking to smite Iran. The potential interruption to oil production has to be causing concerns amongst the European nations. A possible point of discussion may be giving a green light to begin hostilities. Gas prices here in the Buckeye state a creeping rapidly towards $4. We could easily $5 by the summer or higher if there is a conflict. Moving the G-8 to Camp David will allow attendees to be essentially sequestered from the media.

Washington Post

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