Sunday, July 24, 2011

Police aren't ruling out more suspects in Norway attacks

CNN is reporting that the police are not ruling out more suspects in the bombing. One of the reports about the incident referred to Anders Behring Breivik as a "lone nut". The media and conspiracy theorists have never been satisfied with the lone gunman theory dated back to the Kennedy assassination. It doesn't mean it isn't possible, just that we have a hard time accepting a lone perpetuator of mass violence (although TV and movies portray this very scenario all of the time).

In the same manner, security experts and intelligence analysts are looking for the Islamic connection. You just can't be a terrorist these days without being part of Al Qaeda or some other radicalized Islamic group, don't you know. Of course if comes to pass that Breivik is not part of an Islamic movement, he can always be cast part of the right-wing extremist movement.

The Internet is flooded with a picture of Breivik in Masonic regalia. The conspiracy theorists are salivating at this "proof" of a Masonic/Illuminati connection. We don't even know at this point if Breivik was really a Mason or if he just posed in Masonic regalia. One report claimed that all of Breivik's photos on his Facebook account (and I'm assuming the Masonic picture as well) were all uploaded only a week before the bombing.

The Norway bombing and massacre now has the rest of the world thinking that it isn't just radicalized Islamic terrorist groups you have to worry about, now anyone could be a terrorist. And after all, isn't that what all terrorists want us to worry about?

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