Saturday, July 2, 2011

Boarding Pass Arrest: Nigerian Who Slipped by Airport Security a 'Storyteller'

ABC reported this story on Thursday. TSA protocols are at best a one size fits all strategy to detecting potential threats. Since 9/11, the concern has been to prevent another hijacking involving the use of explosives. The emphasis allows other threats to slip by such as fake credentials. TSA screeners are more focused on what the passenger is carrying versus their intentions, demeanor or even apparently their credentials. The focus on content versus intent has lead to the embarrassing reports of children being patted down or elderly women being humiliated. The passengers were not cooperating in revealing their contents or submitting to a search. There appeared to be at no time realization by the screener or supervisor that there was no intent by these passengers.

Watch police officers who walk a beat. They are able to dismiss background noise from people on the street and focus in on those that are or have committed crimes. The TSA scanners need to learn this street cop approach. Gaddafi is threatening attacks in Europe but the United States could just as easily be attacked. In Butler county (just to the north of Cincinnati), there was an arrest of a teenager thought to be part of an international cyber terrorist network.

There are threats out there but I'm not certain if current TSA protocols are nimble enough to stop them.

ABC News

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