Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norway attacker was a political Terminator

Thanks to Quimbob for sending me this link. As often happens, we want to focus on the terrorist and lose focus on what might else have been at work. In this case, the Utoya camp was not so much a summer camp as a political training camp. At least one witness mentioned in a CNN interview that he only became politically active after attending this camp.

Eighty-two of Norway's future political activists have been killed. The media will make this out to be a lone gunman without considering the political motivations for his actions. This is not excusing it, just adding more dimension to what will inevitably will become a cliched terrorist in the minds of the media.

The picture of him in Masonic dress is also misleading. He may have been a Mason at one time but we don't know if he is still in good standing or may even have been expelled. Unlike in the US where Masonic lodges follow either Scottish or York rite, Norway follows Swedish Rite. The Swedish Rite demands members be Christian and not just that they believe in a supreme being. That is consistent with reports that he is a fundamentalist Christian.

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