Monday, December 6, 2010


I agree that our best defense is having a mobilized, aware public. However, the trite "See something, say something" begs the question "What is something and who should I say it to?" DHS and TSA has done a horrible job of informing the public as to what they should be looking for. Moreover, if someone sees something suspect to whom should they report it? FBI? Sheriff's office? Local police? If they information that is reported does not fit their paradigms, will these agencies forward the information to the fusion center? I just see this as being akin to Nancy Reagan's "Just say NO!" campaign. The situation is more complex than some slogan dreamed up by a federal agency (or the high priced PR firm that won the government contract to come up with this crap). Of course the other problem is do you really want your neighbor reporting you to the FBI because you have a copy of the Quran in your home and don't watch Fox News?

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Mark Miller said...

Hello DEA?
That weird young man who moved in downstairs is mixing up something funky at night. I think he might be making up a batch of that there meth-crack.

He says he's religious, but I never see him go to church. He just kneels on a rug and keeps bowing to the pantry. He does that like five times a day.

What's it smell like? No not ammonia, like gasoline. Yeah he keeps pouring these big bags of fertilizer labeled "AN" into huge kegs along with these jugs of dark gasoline. Then he puts 'em into his van and ties this funny looking rope around them.

Doesn't sound like any drug you've ever heard of? I thought it must be nothin'. Sorry to bother you.

Mark Miller said...
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Bob Baylor said...

Back in the 90s, there was a guy living in an apartment in Northern Kentucky. No one knew much about him. He was from somewhere overseas (turned out to be Portugal). He would "travel" for months at a time. Occasionally, he would be seen going into his apartment carry two milk jugs. During one of his "trips", a neighbor noticed a chemical odor coming from the apartment. The police are called and when there is no answer, go into the apartment. The tenant had 50 gallon oil drums stacked in every square inch of the apartment. The drums were all filled with gasoline. No one ever saw the oil drums going into the apartment. I never learned why he was doing this.