Friday, December 24, 2010

Sacramento-area pilot punished

It didn't take long for the Wikileaks problem first started with Department of Defense documents from Afghanistan. Then State Department diplomatic cables were leaked revealing to the public a rather sophomoric approach to diplomacy. The whole premise for Wikileaks is the ability for whistleblowers to get their case out in the open. While Wikileaks wasn't involved in this case, a pilot has found it necessary to share his videos showing weaknesses in airport security. The TSA is disciplining the pilot/whistleblower but it is too little, too late. I assure the TSA this pilot isn't the first to have noticed lapses and weaknesses in our airports. We have seen in the last year everything from a slide escapades of Steven Slater to an Iranian who was able to get through security with a firearm (in the latter case, he was legitimately carrying on only his honest exposed the flaws in screening). As tensions rise between the US and both North Korea and Iran, we will see even more cases of whistleblowing occurring. What sometimes is overlooked in these cases is who is really responsible for the leak. There is always some low level person that gets names but how was that person able to secure the information to be leaked without exposure? You can't help but wonder if supervisors turned a blind eye or perhaps even encouraged the perpetrator in some indirect way. The Mayan calendar supposedly ends in 2012 and whether you believe in such things or not others do making the potential very high for things to become very interesting in 2011.

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