Thursday, December 30, 2010

Earthquake tremors felt in Cincinnati

A magnitude 4.2 earthquake in central Indiana was felt in Cincinnati. Phone calls flooded several sheriff's offices in Indiana. Yet Cincinnati city council continues to find ways not to pass a budget and will most likely still cut firefighters and police officers. Imagine what it would be like when a stronger quake hits Cincinnati.

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Quimbob said...

I thought that after 911, Homeland Security was going to promote disaster procedures in communities. We could get creamed by the New Madrid fault. A full compliment of police & fire would just be a band aid in that event.
Why would someone call the sheriff for what we had today?

Bob Baylor said...

You are right, 9/11 was supposed to focus emergency agencies and first responders on "all-hazards". However, under Secretary Napolitano the focus has be decidedly on border security to the detriment of emergency management

People call the sheriff when there is no disaster preparedness programs to teach them what to do. It is a lesson Cincinnati city council still hasn't learned.