Saturday, May 24, 2014

"Plata o Plombo"

On October 26, 2001 Congress signed the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism, better known as the USA PATRIOT Act.  

Title IV amends the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 to give more law enforcement and investigative power to the United States Attorney General and to theImmigration and Naturalization Service (INS). The Attorney General was authorized to waive any cap on the number of full-time employees (FTEs) assigned to the INS on the Northern border of the United States.

Under subtitle C, various definitions relating to terrorism were altered and expanded. The INA was retroactively amended to disallow aliens who are part of or representatives of a foreign organization or any group who endorses acts of terrorism from entering the U.S. This restriction also included the family of such aliens. The definition of "terrorist activity" was strengthened to include actions involving the use of any dangerous device (and not just explosives and firearms). To "engage in terrorist activity" is defined as committing, inciting to commit or planning and preparing to undertake an act of terrorism. Included in this definition is the gathering of intelligence information on potential terrorist targets, the solicitation of funds for a terrorist organization or the solicitation of others to undertake acts of terrorism.--Wikipedia

Okay, sounds good.  We need our borders protected from terrorists that want to enter our country (most likely illegally) and do bad things.  So what the hell happened here??

(Photo: Daily Mail)

"Two frightening incidents of vandalism in El Paso near the Mexican border in Texas have been interpreted as warnings from drug cartels.

In both instances, a mannequin wearing a suit and tie was tied to a billboard with a noose and messages were scrawled over the placards.

Local station KHOU reports that one of the signs reads 'Plata o Plombo' which translates to 'silver or lead', a threat used commonly against police officers effectively warning that if they do not accept the cartel's bribes then they will be shot." --
Daily Mail

Take the bribes or be killed?  That's not terrorism?  Our borders are not as safe as we think they are and we have ignored the drug cartels in fear of offending proponents of immigration reform.  After all, whenever the White House talks about immigration they only show tend to show Hispanics.  The implication is that we only have immigration problems with Mexico and Central America.  To then have to admit we have Mexican drug lords threatening our police and citizens is not something the White House wants to deal with.

I guess if we can't protect our own borders, what can we do to help the Ukraine?

Here is an older story I didn't get around to using, "The US missile cruiser Vella Gulf is expected to arrive in the Black Sea on May 23, a military source told a Russian news agency. Another NATO vessel is already in the area, while the French Navy’s stealth frigate will reportedly be there by late May." RT.Com  Based on this story, the cruise should be in the Black Sea today.  However, the Daily Mail is reporting that 21 have already dead in a clash between 500 pro-Russian separatists and troops loyal to Kiev.  

The US was unable to stop Russia from annexing Crimea.  It was unable to remove Asad from power in Syria.  Now the US is unable or unwilling to do anything about drug cartels threatening its police and citizens on THIS side of the border.  At this rate, we may not end up in World War III but neither will we be any safer.

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