Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Photo:  Daily Mail

The headline for this story is "I'm NOT WEAK: Obama answers critics in West Point speech and insists the US must lead the world by example – 'If we don't, no one else will'

If one must state they are not weak, then you've already lost all chance of convincing people otherwise. If you state that the US must lead the way, you can't then hide behind "partnerships" and "multilateral actions" otherwise you just confirm that you are weak.  If you claim American exceptionalism, you can't then delegate the work to international coalitions without confirming your weakness.  You can't say your critics downplay the effectiveness of international coalitions without showing at least one example where it has worked during your administration.  You can't talk tough, as you did with Syria and Russia, and then do nothing without your enemies and allies calling you weak.

But most of all Mr President, if you are the Commander-In-Chief, then when a someone in uniform renders a salute….RETURN IT!!

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