Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Inside the Ring: New al Qaeda threat

Back at the start of Desert Storm, Saddam Hussein famously promised "the mother of all battles" to wit the US military then proceeded the send the Iraqi packing out of Kuwait.

Unfortunately, Al Qaeda is now making similar threats against the "heart of the United States".  This is a different situation with terrorist cells most likely already here in place waiting to launch an attack.  I was just talking with a colleague today about the likelihood that the next attack would involve some type of biological attack.

We also have a major soft target coming up this weekend with the Super Bowl.  Thousands of drunk NFL fans roaming all over the Crescent City could be just the ticket for a terrorist attack.

As has happened throughout history, by attacking Al Qaeda in Mali we seem to have encouraged rather than discourage additional violence.  The announcement of military drawdowns in the Army and Marines will not help reduce the threat.

Inside the Ring: New al Qaeda threat

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