Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Predictions

As we await news of if the US is going over the fiscal cliff, it seems like just as a good a time as any to make some predictions for the upcoming year;

1.  The European economy will force NATO to reduce or completely withdraw from Afghanistan.  The US will then follow suite and will refocus on North Korea and China.

2.  Unfortunately for the US, Iran will continue to provoke Israel into a shooting conflict. If tensions do lead to a conflict, it will most likely happen over the spring or summer.

3. Syria will devolve into Somalia creating an interesting choice for the US, continue to sit it out or send in forces?

4.  Much like the advent of CENTCOM, US African Command (AFRICOM) will send troops into Africa on a low level first and then hostilities will increase as new cells of Al Qaeda are "suddenly" encountered.

5.  Al Qaeda will be linked to a new attack on the homeland.  Unlike what the conspiracy theorists think, this will the impetus for granting DHS new powers and federalizing the National Guard.

6.  More mass shootings will occur at schools and malls.  These targets are just too soft and afford copy cats the opportunity for their 15 minutes of fame.

7.  Hillary Clinton's health will continue to deteriorate preventing her from running in 2016.

8.  China will ramp up production of aircraft carriers and stealth fighters.  China gets my vote for the country most likely to produce technology that will render our best drones useless (with an honorable mention to Russia).

9.  Our food supply will be attacked (again) and everyone will mistake it for poor hygiene of migrant workers.

10.  A major cyber attack will successfully be launched against the US attacking either our power grid or water purification.


Quimbob said...

2. Something's going to happen, might not be til '14
3. ugh, wonder how the big boys will deal with it….
5. Again, yeah but later than 2013
6. I don't understand these people - at least the ones tageting grade schools. Shooting up your place of employment? Makes perfect sense & is probably as vulnerable as any school.
7. yeah, watching her from 2008 to 2012 - there's no chance of her running in 2016.
9. yeah but after 2013
10. yeah but after 2013

Bob Baylor said...

I grant some things may take longer but it is my 2013 list. Hopefully I'm wrong about all of these things!