Sunday, January 22, 2012

U.S. aircraft carrier enters Gulf without incident

USS Abraham Lincoln sailed through the Straits of Hormuz without incident. Iran had back down on the tough rhetoric that had been the standard for weeks. Some think it may have been President Obama who was able to get through to Iran that he wasn't kidding. More likely, it was other OPEC members in the region that weren't interested in having their oil exports jeopardized by shutting down the straits. You also can't dismiss the fact the an Iranian nuclear scientist died or was assassinated. If Iran truly believes the US was behind this, Ahmadinejad may not have wanted to push his luck. Things are not likely to improve though with the EU pushing for economic sanctions against Iran.



Quimbob said...

In an Iran / US showdown, who do you think would side up with who?

Anonymous said...
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Bob Baylor said...

In an Iran/US showdown, Israel and UK would side with the US. Russia would side with Iran (perhaps not militarily but certainly politically and economically). France may also jump in on the US side to insure they get some of the oil.