Thursday, January 19, 2012

Iran Threatens U.S., Persian Gulf Cities with Missile Attacks

First Iran accuses the US of assassinating one of their nuclear scientists. Then another Iranian is assassinated who was working in the US. Now two US Marines are killed for illegally crossing the Iranian border. All of these events occurred after the US steamed a aircraft carrier through the Straits of Hormuz despite Iranian warnings that it would not tolerate the vessel crossing back. The rhetoric has never been more heated between the two countries. Ahmadinejad has even garnered the support of America's other favorite despot, Hugo Chavez. The relationship betweens these two cannot be under-estimated. Iran now controls OPEC and Venezuela is one of its members. Venezuela and Ecuador are the only members in the Western Hemisphere.

The most recent threat from Iran is that it will torpedo US war ships crossing the Straits. This year is a particularly tricky one for the Obama Administration. It can't seem weak on national defense with the Republican nominations in full swing. On the other hand, it can't risk getting into a full blown war with Iran one the eve of the Presidential elections. The unknown factor in all of this is Israel. They are closer and sense a far greater threat from a nuclear Iran than does the US. This may lead to a unilateral strike against Iran by Israel. Then the question becomes, what is the US prepared to do? Budget reductions are dropping troop levels and canceling weapon programs The F-22 fleet is grounded more often than not. The public is tired of the war on terror and wants our troops home. And let's not forget Kim Jong eun who is another unknown on the global stage. The US is facing one the scariest times since the Cuban missile crisis.

US News and World Report

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