Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Glock Pistol Sales Surge

Two camps seem to be forming over the shootings in Arizona. One camp is pointing out the inadequacies in our mental health system that makes it almost impossible to get people like Jared Loughner help. Recommending someone for a mental health evaluation carries so many stigmas and risks the individual losing his or her job that it almost impossible to get people the help they need.

The other camp wants to rehash gun control and specifically the Glock with high capacity magazines. Glocks are inexpensive, readily available, come in a variety of calibers and sizes. The ease of operation, shooting and general indestructibly of Glocks makes them popular with law enforcement and those looking for a concealed carry weapon. There is nothing inherently talismanic about Glocks other than their availability makes them the most likely to be used by shooters.

The rush in Arizona to buy Glocks falls into one of two scenarios. The first is simply people who have wanted a Glock and now are afraid the shootings will make it impossible to get one. The other reason is why product placement in movies and TV shows is so lucrative, people but what it on the screen. The shootings have placed Glocks on screens everywhere and there are mall rats running out to buy theirs.

All the hype about Glocks misses that Loughner would have used any weapon he could get his hands on to commit his murder spree. No Glock? What about a Winchester 30-30 or a Remington 1100 automatic shotgun. Or he could have simply gone the Timothy McVeigh route and build a bomb.

The national dialog needs to focus on better identifying the next Loughner or Cho BEFORE they start shooting and stop the goofy arguments about barring guns would have stopped him. Loughner is an evil, psychotic bastard that would have figured out a way to kill those people even if he did not have access to firearms.

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