Saturday, January 8, 2011

Arizona congresswoman among 12 shot at Tuscon grocery

Fighter pilots call it "SA" or situational awareness. You have to keep aware of the constantly changing dynamics, focusing too much on the enemy aircraft may cause you to forget about ground based missiles. Situational awareness is something we should all strive to develop. I'm sure the people were busy either listening to the Congresswoman or shopping but this case shows the danger of forgetting violence is around us all of the time. You need to constantly assess your environment. If something happens, where would you take cover or escape? Even if it isn't an active shooter, what about a fire or earthquake? How would you get out? People go about their daily business without considering what happens when the SHTF. I'm not advocating a paranoid state, just a prudent one that realizes even the most benign looking bookstore or market could be turned into the next catastrophe.

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Quimbob said...

At least somebody had the presence of mind to stop the shooter. I am sure he has good reason for killing 7 people.