Sunday, November 21, 2010

'Invasive' pat-downs continue

The story continues to plague the Internet and TV news. Stories continue to surface of truly abhorrent, vile and disgusting behavior of TSA screeners humiliating passengers. One breast cancer survivor had to remove her prothesis to prove they were not dangerous explosives. Another female passenger wearing a skirt while being searched the TSA screeners hand shot up between the passenger's leg that "it lifted me off of my heels". She sobbed throughout her flight. There is now video of screeners. A bladder cancer survivor was so violently and shamefully searched the he ended up covered in urine.

The TSA has overwhelmingly failed in its mission and the arrogance of John Pistole causes him to dismiss the complaints for after all he knows best what it takes to protect passengers. The "Shoe Bomber" Richard Reid and the "Underwear Bomber" Abdul Muttalab were not apprehended or stopped by the TSA but by the passengers. The screenings are mute, anyone going to try to mix chemicals or take over the flight will be overwhelmed by a swarm of pissed off passengers.

TSA was no where to found when Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater pulled the emergency escape chute and slid into infamy. He made it all the way back to his apartment and was arrested by local law enforcement, not the TSA.

The TSA needs to be disbanded. It was an idea executed during the emotional times immediately after 9/11. It was a bad concept poorly executed. The TSA has been spectacular in reacting to attacks that have already been tried. Their focus has been exclusively on passengers while other critical areas like the tarmac or air cargo facilities go unattended.

The President should pass an executive order mandating every active law enforcement officer (federal, state or local) as well as any active soldier, Marine, airmen or sailor that normally carries a sidearm be required to carry on board any US flight. I guarantee having a SEAL, Ranger, Delta Force operator or Green Beret armed on board of flight will guarantee a level of safety TSA can never promise. Oh, and no child will ever have to be molested or watch as their mother has her breasts fondled or crotch grabbed by these perverts.


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