Monday, November 22, 2010

Gonzalo Lira: A Full Body Scan of American Corruption

Gonzalo Lira goes in depth to refute the presumed safety of backscatter technology used in full body scanners. GL also points out the same criticisms I have of Michael Cherthoff, namely that his company's biggest client is the manufacturer of the full body scanners. The article also gives cause to articulate the need for more comprehensive security. All of the TSA efforts are focused on people transiting through the passenger terminal. As the Steven Slater case shows, there are huge gaps on the tarmac and other non-passenger areas. I've always maintained the best way to breech security in any facility is to wear a hardhat, tool belt and carry a clipboard. People will look right through you. The same can be said for dressing like a baggage handler or other flight line technician. Some may point out these personnel are subject to screening and I would argue that it would be very easy to bribe a flight line worker. Their wages aren't that high and the work is not all that glamorous and borders on mundane. Wednesday is the opt-out day, it may be the closest the US will come to experiencing something like the transportation strikes in France.

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