Monday, June 8, 2009

Leis: Boat Debate Ridiculous

Leis: Boat debate 'ridiculous' | | Cincinnati.Com

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I am unpersuaded that the sheriff needs this boat. More of the Ohio River is under Kentucky jurisdiction than Ohio's. The Ohio River is already patrolled by the US Coast Guard and Ohio Watercraft. Cincinnati Police has a boat as well. The sheriff feels the boat won't impact the county budget since he plans to use a DHS grant to purchase the boat. The problem with grant purchases is they do not include maintenance and replacement costs. There is so much more that requires the sheriff's attention than purchasing a boat, he needs to get on with the rest of his job.

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Mark Miller said...


If he can't afford to staff a jail, which is a clear and present need and is required to fulfill his statutory duties, then he can't afford to staff a boat which is not.

Cover basic necessities first, then we can talk about more advanced risk protection measures.