Friday, June 26, 2009

Hamilton Man Admits Bomb Threats Against Local Landmarks

Hamilton Man Admits Bomb Threats Against Local Landmarks - Cincinnati 9News | Channel 9

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Too often textbooks and media stories equate terrorism to some foreign entity (presently radical Islam) and ignore the threat form domestic terrorists. Local, homegrown terrorists are just as dangerous and much more prolific. Local terrorists can range from someone who has a beef with city hall to a radical environmentalist. These terrorists are not the product of some far off land or Ivy league institution, they are people who live in our neighborhoods. Local terrorists are becoming more prolific, in my opinion, as our society becomes increasingly isolated. People prefer to use Facebook and other social media instead of having a conversation with their neighbor. A local resident who is having difficulty dealing with a problem is left with few (if any) support networks. A resident with coping issues could plan an attack without neighbors or friends noticing. We must resist temptations to legislate a solution. Rather, we should all take a greater interest in those around us; not so much as to monitor but as a genuine commitment to help our fellow neighbors.

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