Saturday, October 4, 2008

Go Bearcats!

Here’s a plug for my alma mater. After what many called a sub-par performance against Akron, the Bearcats (4-1) won decisively against Marshall (3-3). What makes the victory over Marshall impressive to me was the Bearcats had to turn to their third quarterback (Grutza and Pike were hurt in previous games) for the win. The team hasn’t gotten much recognition because they still are to face their first Big East team. Rutgers arrives next week with a record of 1-3 which means if the Bearcats win, the victory will considered unimpressive. Of course losing would be reason for naysayers to point out the Bearcats aren’t for real. I’m not a sports expert, it just gives me joy to be able to root for a Cincinnati team that is doing well in football. Of course many local high school teams are doing well this year as well. Get out and support one of the local high school games (if you haven’t already) or go see at game at Nippert.

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