Friday, March 17, 2017

Big Bird, School Lunches and Foal Eagle

The Donald, aka President Trump, is not even 100 days into his Presidency and it has been wholly unwatchable.  The Trump Administration has self-inflicted multiple wounds to itself and seems unable to successfully vet candidates.

Yesterday Mr. Trump decided to slay Big Bird (PBS), Lake Wobegone (NPR), the California Zephyr (AMTRAK), Meals on Wheels, and school lunches all in one mighty swoop!  The collective swooning of the left was nearly matched by the head-shaking and second guessing of the more moderate right who are beginning to question whether the new President is ever slowed down by thought.

Mr. Trump is keeping good to his campaign promise of reforming government but now even some of his fans are beginning to wonder what exactly that is going to look like once he gets done.  He is incasing spending on the military (+10%) and the VA (+6%) as well as DHS (for building the wall, now at taxpayer expense instead of Mexico's).

The US seems to be transforming under Mr. Trump into an isolationist, fortified nation with a large military.  The obvious question is after years of globalization, can the US really survive as a continent on to itself?

Whilst the mainstream media continues to publish every salacious detail of the Trump Administration's faults, the public remains largely in the dark on several items that should gravely concern all of us.

Foal Eagle is an annual FTX (field exercise, as opposed to table top or command post exercise) conducting between US and South Korean forces.  This year, in addition to the normal rotation of troops and equipment into South Korea, Mr. Trump has added drones, the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), as well as a huge increase in Special Forces.  Some have conjectured that this may be in preparation for taking out Kim Jun Un (other kidnapping or assassinating).  These same fringe strategist feel this may be so Mr. Trump can prove just how tough he is.

What makes this a little more believable is Mr. Trump's statement that he may just go ahead and blow up the Russian spy ship that has been patrolling the eastern seaboard for the last few weeks!  It isn't that the Russian ship poses a threat, in fact the US Navy has publicly stated that the spy ship is unable to detect any information about US submarine operations.  So why does Mr. Trump want to blow it up?  To prove he isn't weak!

Going back to Korea, if Mr. Trump tries some heavy-handed overthrow of the North Korean government (and assuming is doesn't result in North Korea launching a nuclear counter-attack), we are left with two big questions.  One, what does China do?  Two, what does Russia do?

By all means, be pissed off about the demise of public broadcasting or sloop joe's but don't lose sight of the fact something far worse may be right around the corner.

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